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Important Notification to All iZagg Energy Consultants

iZagg Energy Consultant Information that we consider to not contain information with specificity to any trade secrets of the company will be posted on this page. Although this information is listed here in a public venue take note that all information is considered by the company to be private, copyrighted and specific only to our Independent Sales Representatives and is not meant for copying, reposting or forwarding in any manner.

If you are uncertain about any of the information contained on this page, please use your Free "Support Call System" for your inquiries.
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iZagg Energy is the direct beneficiary of years and years of large collection of proven marketing methods, automated delivery systems and what seems like endless resources for marketing materials.  Now that Mr. O'Steen is feeling well and is back at his desk everyday our Dallas office is again buzzing with the constant flow of his endless contacts, friends and business buddies going and coming.  Once again the executive conference room, with its large table and comfortable chairs, is the hub of marketing activity.  The whiteboard is again filled with plans, numbers, challenges and solutions and the sounds of laughing, foot stomping and clapping as these various marketing maniacs create their unique artistry of opportunity concepts, potential energy money not yet seen by others and the urgency to perform coupled with the demand for personal excellence at a high level of performance and a work pace that should kill normal people.  Folks, make no mistake about it, we may not all know what is happening behind those doors everyday or in the mind and work ethic of Mr. O'Steen and friends but one thing is certain we have not witnessed this level and kind of activity around here in over five years, but those of us who have seen it before know that it will have a "marketing life" driven by pure passion and conviction.  This News item is a sort of pre-warning that iZagg Energy is on the move because Jerry O' Steen is back and on the move.  He has been seen carrying his gold coins around in his hands and smiling.  The other day from behind those fancy French doors he was heard saying above the noise, "We will out think'em,  We will out work'em and We will out last'em. 

Yep he is back!

If you want to know how aggressive he is marketing right now when the staff heard he gave out to everyone his private number to his personal desk and said if you want to get rich call me but if you want to complain, accuse or ask customer support questions don't ever waste my time with energy draining, non productive dribble.  Jerry O'Steen hasn't given out his personal phone number since he exploded Family of Eagles into the largest gold coin selling company in the world.  The one single, most outward, visible trait and strength of Jerry O'Steen is his willingness to spend hours if needed to help anyone regardless of who there are. On the flip side of that he will ignore and sidestep with an incredible skill of efficiency anyone he believes to be selfish, self important or an exploiter of people.

Here is Another Communication Tool

Introducing the initiation of New Company Features to be followed up with ... ?  While others talk we work.  One thing we have in common with other companies is we are both talking about US! It takes a winning team to build a company. We will be heard with the voice of truth, fairness and documentation.  Everything in the work history and all of the companies that have been built by Jerry O'Steen document impeccable data admin, commission payment, technology savvy and indisputable superior customer service.  YM Radio will server as a public documentation of his past and present consistent accomplishments.  YM Radio will also document, inform, correct, lead and serve as a 24 hour media center to train our ISRs, give confidence to our customers and expose our real intent and practice as a business.

We ask you to watch the video and listen to the audio and know this is who is leading iZagg Energy and these words and thoughts reveal a real businessman with obvious work ethic and principles.


iZagg Energy is probably the most efficient administrator of paperwork in our industry.  Our customer service and Support System is already by far a standard for excellence.  We are now adding our one-of-a-kind VideoCall Support System for those who are better at talking than writing.  As the VideoCall System is used in a real-time customer service environment it will allow us to fine tune it to meet varied bandwidths.

iZagg Energy is no longer going to print business cards at the company.  You are still not allowed to have your own card made with the company logo except when you use our registered package.  The package is FREE. A Sales Representative is not allowed to copy or make promotional materials with any of the company's copyrighted material.

We have found a place that will print your cards and from the cards we have personally seen they do a very good job. iZagg Energy is not involved or compensated with this online company.  In the order process you will be one hundred percent responsible for what appears on the card.

We will put a Business Card package in the back office that will contain the approved company art work and the correct information that should appear on an official iZagg Energy business card.
open door It would be a good learning experience for each of you to re-read your sales representative agreement.  We have been monitoring the sales, production, spirit of cooperation and the misrepresentations of iZagg Energy policies and business practice.  Sales Representative status in our company is and always has been free.  Remaining in good standing with the company is about attitude, proper representation of the company, accountability for marketing in kind and in fact, documented work ethic toward acquiring utility customers and the active participation in the success of those you ask to join your team.

It takes a "Winning Team" to build a "Winning Company".

There is also a white cap with logo that is not shown here. 
Our iZagg Energy Caps and Shirts are available. Be a true professional by presenting yourself as one. Shirts are $29.95 and Caps $22.95. Call the office and place your order.


Two sided 8.5 X 11" Brochure

Two sided 8.5 X 11" Testimonial Page

This is official notification of the strict enforcement of ALL company policies with regard to the use, production or distribution of any form of iZagg promotional material, business cards or website postings.  Violation of these policies is clearly spelled out in your ISR Agreement and while we have allowed some liberty during our development period that leniency is over as our development period is now also at an end.

Here is a Look at the ONLY OFFICIAL BADGE of iZagg Energy 

The Front has all of your Independent Sales Representative information.

The Back is recognition by the company that the information on the front is correct, that you have been issued a unique identifying tracking number and where to call and verify your information or make a report to the company.