2009 PLANS
  Posted Sunday (12/14/2008
iZagg Energy has been working on starting the New Year of 2009 at a fast pace with new service offerings and projects.  The year of 2009 will be characterized by targeted fast growth, new market ideas and products and a maturing sales force of committed, professional energy consultants.  Take a few moments and read this article to catch a glimpse of the New Year of 2009.

Our marketing strategy for 2009 is to set a pace of productivity in our marketing methods that will be hard for our competitors to grasp or catch up.

We have recently completed the iZ agg Energy online Sign-Up processing for Residential, Small Business and Large Business customers.  It can be found on your personal www.iZaggEnergy.com website under the menu heading, "Electric & Gas Quotes".

Izagg Energy focuses its attention on the incredible people who have diligently worked our business every day.  They send in LOA’s, they follow up with their customers, they communicate meaningfully with the company staff, they can compute how much 70% is of a 100%, they participate in Conference Calls, they encourage their downline with words of encouragement, they talk positively about the past, present and future of the company, they believe, they produce, they are optimistic in their outlook for our future and are visionary, forward thinking in their evaluation of any challenge the company may encounter.

These are the people that have built Izagg Energy day by day, whether things were good or bad.  These are the people that we will remember and reward in our one-of-a-kind energy business and mission.

The company made it very clear from its very first posting on its website that it would be a very special kind of business person that would do the work and propel us forward while others watched and waited to see what would happen.

As we are about to close the year of 2008 and begin 2009, we want to salute each of you and praise you for who you are and the great work you have done.

At Izagg Energy, we are not looking to other companies or their leaders for direction or advice.  We don't copy their marketing systems or advise our people to use them.  We are not following them, we are leading our people the iZagg Energy way and no other.

Our online energy signup process allows us to have Izagg Energy Consultants from any state or from any country.  It is as simple as using your networking ability in the states that are deregulated in electricity and/or they pay a commission on acquiring a natural gas customer.

To put into perspective how different iZagg Energy is when compared to other energy marketing companies one only needs to fairly examine the differences in where we place monetary value for the greatest possible return for the iZagg Independent Energy Consultants efforts and production.

We struggle to understand a business plan built primarily on marketing to the smallest energy customer base within the deregulation marketplace.  By no means do we say the residential customer is not significant.  Our business model merely reflects the conscious effort to turn our primary focus at the largest possible return for time spent by our Izagg Energy Consultants on a sales call or other marketing method. 

It takes the same amount of time to tell the deregulation options to a one bedroom under 500 kilowatt homeowner as it does to tell the same story to the largest manufacturing plant owner in the country.  Hundreds of residential homeowners would need to be gathered, educated, properly present required disclosure information, have them sign the contract and be able to maintain that customer for several years to equal the commission amount of one large commercial business customer.  For that reason we as an energy marketing company utilizing Independent Sales Representatives have chosen to work exactly backwards of most of our competitors. 

Our marketing method is to reach larger customers first and work with that large customer to allow us to make the same offering to his employees homes (possibly achieving that as group meeting with their employees) and reach homeowner's in a business environment to prepare them for the business of their home energy needs and options.

Our competitors will be making a huge business mistake for their own target market if they make the mistake of thinking we are not aggressively going after the residential market. We are so sure our reverse method of focusing on the bigger customer to get the most monetary compensation for our valuable Energy Consultant's time spent on each customer, we are going to do something starting January 11, 2009 that will literally eliminate the value of some of our competitors ability to attract sales agent while charging them for signing up to website use.  In 2009 we will be very aggressive in acquiring every residential customer we can.

On January 11, 2009 a person will be able to offer and be commission compensated for creating a Residential customer at no cost to that consultant for his/her Residential Certification, also receiving a personalized Izagg Energy Consultant website, a personal Back Office for customer status monitoring, organization tracking and commission information and our Residential Training that may be offered online.

This offering sets a new standard of value for acquiring and keeping Independent Sales Reps in energy companies that charge their agents for everything from an Agent SignUp fee of $350-$400 and monthly website fees that are not commissionable in amounts of anywhere from $19.99 to $29.95 a month and with other possible fees as well.

This FREE Residential Energy Consultant program will go into effect on January 11, 2009 at midnight.

 ALSO announcing ....

We have a target date at this time, to introduce a new energy based product offering on February 7, 2009 in Dallas, Texas at our very first Izagg Energy Super Saturday.  This product will be inclusive in the $395 Partial Payment Program we presently have and will be available to be sold and used in all 50 states and foreign countries where we have Izagg Energy Consultants.

Being a Visionary, being Different, being a Leader, being Brave, being Committed and being a Believer is the cornerstone of all great companies.

It is going to be a great year in 2009 as we grow our company as a team into what we already know it will be.  I am looking for those who are looking for me and together we will achieve our destiny.

Jerry O’Steen

P.S.  Your izaggenergy.biz website now includes a secure, private company information area in your Back Office.  This area will contain confidential, highly secretive (trade secret) information that will be written about very openly and clearly concerning our mutual business endeavor, sales consultant no no's and yes yes's  and success strategies and challenges.  Its subject matter will be delivered in "raw form" without regard for being politically correct in wording, readers reaction or subject matter it may cover.  This is an "BIG BOY/GIRL" area and those with thin skin will need to avoid this area,  we are straight-forward and business-like with those we expect to be productive, cooperative and accountable for their actions and representations of the company, its opportunity and product offerings.  There will be no effort made to impress or depress the consultant while certain subjects may be uncomfortably covered in this area.  Our goal is to address the real down and dirty, possibly controversial topics of everyday business that naturally results in a free and open marketplace. 

You will have to electronically agree to the privacy statement 100% or you cannot enter the area.  Most of the content will be meaningful, fun, educational and anything unpleasant action will for certain be the exception to the rule.

(If you have an extra few minutes available you can watch Mr. O'Steen speaking in 1997 at the Las Vegas Convention Center delivering a warning to over 7,000 sales reps of the coming financial crisis in American in the upcoming ten years following the message.  At that time the National Debt was 5.2 trillion and the American people were still enjoying the fruits of Reaganomics. 

If you haven't seen or heard our owner speak, then know before you watch this video that he is still telling the same message today to the financially disenfranchised to wake up and make changes while they can.   Mr. O'Steen was certain the time to get that done was short and now ten years later it is much shorter as we are now experiencing that very financial crisis he spoke about so clearly.  Watch Video 



iZagg Energy is an independent, privately owned company.   We do not have any partners, shareholders or investors.  We seek out companies with which we can create a mutually beneficial working relationship.  iZagg Energy may function as an agent in a particular relationship with a company as long as it is or remains beneficial to Izagg Energy and its Independent Contractors but we are not exclusive nor will we agree to be or function as a captured agent of any other company. 

In the same manner, iZagg Energy works with Independent Entrepreneurs who function in a similar manner with us as we do with other companies.

iZagg Energy serves our Independent Contractors by providing them with a personalized iZagg Energy website, an online back-office for tracking their business production, commissions, sales team organization growth and time sensitive business information.

iZagg Energy is a debt free company. Our company enjoys the infrastructure of our owner's previous business successes.

1. Our physical offices are housed at 1595 Mt. Lebanon, Cedar Hill, Texas. Our owner's business's have
   owned and occupied these properties since November, 1996. These facilities were bought and dedicated
   to the future success of all Independent Entrepreneurs that would choose us as their home for their
   future financial success.

2. Our staff is the very same staff that founded, built and daily serviced ProfitWare, Family of Eagles LTD.,
   3Merge.com, Izagg Inc., Big O Music, Public Gold and now iZagg Energy.

3. Within the 14,000 square foot main facility we house accounting, customer support, conference room,
   training and multi-media hall, executive offices and server room.

4. Our 4000 square foot warehouse houses:

A.) Sales aids storage, full print shop with offset 4 color printing, Itek chain delivery one color printing
     press, chain delivery NCR stock two sided printing press, commercial paper drill, commercial folder
     and paper cutter, binder equipment, dark room, commercial grade shrink wrap machine, folk lift,
     Pitney Bowes postal meter mail machine and a commercial high volume Laser Color printer.
B.) Connected to our warehouse from two of its shipping bays are two 40 foot trailers for additiona
     l storage. One contains all forms of promotional items for personalized writing pens to running suits.
     The other contains windows, doors, lighting fixtures, table saw, wood planer, paint sprayers and just
     about anything else needed to maintain our facilities.
C.) Additional office space for our programming team, storage for additional servers and all kinds of
     computer support equipment from screens to cabling.
D.) A guest room for our overnight guests whether friends or traveling Independent Contractors with
    one of our companies.
E.) Lawn equipment ranging from full-size brush hog Ford tractor to commercial hedge clippers.

5. All of this is contained within estate style iron fencing around our 3.5 acre estate and strategically
   placed surveillance cameras are always watching and recording all activity within our three story
   colonial mansion premises.

New companies and startups do not come with this high level of infrastructure without millions of invested dollars, partnerships or stock sales offerings.

Our core software has literally been in existence since 1993 and has grown technologically along with the connectivity advancements known to most as the internet. Our software and our networking capabilities preceded the advent of the internet and provided us a head start and a maturity level that no startup today has in place.

Our experience in Family of Eagles LTD. with its 600 million dollars worth of gold contracts which were literally  individually handled by a staff person with a staff person doing the actual data entry.  The company never missed a shipping deadline or had incorrect, delayed or unfunded commission checks but delivered 100 million dollars of gold and commission checks to customers and sales reps.  This experience puts us light years ahead of a startup company, or a number one money earner in a company suddenly turned owner of his own company or most so-called automated untested marketing concepts prevalent in new companies and many old ones as well.
      iZagg Energy Text Messaging  
Introducing our new beta version text messaging for updates on important notices, LOA and contract time sensitive required information, web updates and general information.

Texting to your Mobile phone allows us to contact you immediately regardless of where you are without the need of you being at your computer.

Details are in your Online Back Office....  It is FREE.


Business Cards will Start Shipping after December 5, 2008.

From that date forward the ONLY business card allowable to promote, identify or hand to anyone as an Izagg Energy Consultant must be this company approved and printed business card.

iZagg Energy
Business Sample Card

Details are in your Online Back-Office

Many of you were rewarded FREE 500
business cards for an act of cooperation
and good attitude. Let us know in your
Support Call System you were ONE of
those special people that has made Izagg
Energy the company it is today. You will
still need to follow the instructions and give
us the information you want to appear on
your card.

There is also a special additional offering for 500 additional cards available before we ship your FREE cards (this offering is available ONLY to this group).

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